Taco HTML Edit Version History
Below is a list of features that have been added to recent versions of Taco HTML Edit. For more information about Taco HTML Edit, see the "About" page.

Taco HTML Edit v3.0 New Features

Enhancements for OS X Lion and Mountain Lion
  • Autosave: Documents are automatically saved while you edit them; it is no longer necessary to manually save documents in OS X Lion. "Save As..." is replaced by the "Duplicate" command.
  • Versions: Allows you to view and restore previous versions of a document.
  • Resume: Taco HTML Edit now supports Resume, so it will restore open windows after quitting and re-opening the app.
  • Full Screen: Edit documents in full-screen mode.

Component Library
  • Two new Components: Video Player and Modal Dialog. Video Player makes it easy to add HTML5 video to your web pages, with an optional Flash Player fallback. Modal Dialog allows a dialog with a translucent overlay to appear over your web page, showing any HTML content you specify.
  • Slideshow has been enhanced to allow different image scaling behavior, so that images can either fill the entire canvas or be scaled down so that no part of the image is cropped.
  • Form Calendar has new options to start the week on Monday and to customize day name abbreviations.
  • Paginated Image Scroller has been renamed "Image Carousel" and has drop shadows with a better visual appearance.
  • Background Music has been renamed to Audio Player. It now uses HTML5 audio playback with an optional fallback to a Flash-based audio player for incompatible browsers.

Error Checking
  • The Error Checking user interface has been completely revamped in Taco HTML Edit. The "Check Document for Errors" command will now find errors in HTML, PHP, CSS, and JavaScript that appears within the document.
  • PHP error checking now executes the PHP code, just like for previewing a PHP document. This allows both syntax and runtime errors to be reported by the error checker.
  • CSS error checking is the most advanced on the planet, based on the working drafts of the W3C CSS3 specification.
  • Taco HTML Edit now can find syntax errors in JavaScript code.

Editing Enhancements
  • Code Folding allows you to collapse text segments in the editor, with disclosure triangles appearing in the document gutter to provide fold suggestions. Taco HTML Edit will remember and restore your folds if you don't edit a document externally.
  • Navigator shows an outline of your HTML, PHP, JavaScript, or CSS document, allowing you to quickly move to a different location. Links to other documents are represented with an arrow in the Navigator, which can be clicked to open the link.
  • New menu command for commenting/uncommenting code.
  • Additional text encoding support: Taco HTML Edit now includes support for dozens of text encodings.
  • New commands for finding non-ASCII characters and replacing them with HTML character codes.

Other Changes
  • Taco HTML Edit now has high-resolution graphics for its user interface to support Macs with Retina displays.
  • Open tabs are now remembered and restored when re-opening projects.
  • Live Preview will be restored when a document is closed with Live Preview enabled.
  • Taco HTML Edit now includes an integrated PDF viewer.
  • New options in the Print panel to print with Code Coloring and/or Line Numbers enabled.
  • Dimensions appear for images in the Get Info panel.
  • Bug fixes and other minor enhancements.